Building reinforcements

Because of its excellent mechanical properties, such as high strength, stiffness and fatigue resistance, carbon fiber has many applications in construction. At the same time, its advantages in acid and alkali resistance make its application in the construction field more common. With the improvement of people's requirements for the experience of living places, carbon fiber gradually replaces the traditional steel and concrete materials, and the proportion of use is also increasing year by year.



Thanks to the extensive application of carbon fiber, the construction process in the construction field has been simplified, the operating cost of buildings has been greatly reduced, and the use experience of buildings has been improved. ZBREHON, as a composite solution provider, shows you that some common applications of fiber glass and carbon fiber  in architecture include:


1. Reinforcement of concrete structures:

Carbon fiber composite plates or strips are used to reinforce concrete structures such as bridges or columns to increase their strength and durability.

Case: Liujiashan, located in Chongqing, China - super large bridge, the superstructure is: 110.0m+200.0m+110.0m (prestressed concrete continuous rigid frame) + 2*30.0m (prestressed concrete T-beam). Carbon fiber composite materials were used to reinforce the bridge structure.

Carbon fiber cloth is used to repair and strengthen bridges

2. Retrofitting of old structures

Carbon fiber wrapping is used for retrofitting of old structures to increase their load-bearing capacity or prevent structural failure.


Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Xinwan Primary School is located on the south bank of the Qianjiang River, on the golden sand, and is located in Jiangdong New Town. The school was founded in 1915, with nearly a hundred years of spring and autumn fruits. After several changes of name, it was renamed as Xiaoshan District Xinwan Primary School in 2009. The campus now covers an area of 30097 square meters, with a building area of 11705.9 square meters. It is divided into two campuses, east and west.

After a series of seismic evaluations, it was decided to carry out seismic reinforcement for some school buildings. After study, it is decided to select Shanghai Hummer carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber adhesive, structural steel adhesive and other seismic reinforcement materials in the construction.

Reinforcement time: June 2014

Reinforcement method: pasting carbon fiber and steel

Strengthening the site


3. Tensile structures

Due to their light weight and high tensile strength properties, carbon fiber composites are used to manufacture tensile structures, such as roofs or facades.

4. Wind turbine blades

Carbon fiber composites are used in the construction of wind turbine blades due to their high strength and stiffness properties.

5. Building panels

Carbon fiber composite panels are mostly used for building envelope structures, partition walls or facades due to their advantages of light weight, high strength, and excellent thermal insulation performance.


Overall, carbon fiber is a promising material for improving strength, durability and safety in a variety of construction applications.

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