Plain E-Glass Fiber Electronic Fiberglass Cloth

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Electronic-grade glass fiber cloth is mainly made of electronic-grade glass fiber yarn (E-GLASS FIBER) as a raw material, and is a plain weave fabric made by weaving and surface chemical treatment.

It has excellent electrical insulation performance and processing performance.

Electronic grade glass fiber cloth is an indispensable and important basic material for electronic components in the fields of electronic information, communication equipment, aerospace and other fields.

It appears in almost every kind of electronic component weight, and is distributed in various fields of national economy and national defense industry.

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Product name Plain E-glass fiber electronic fiberglass cloth
MOQ ≥10000 square meters
Feature 1. Good electrical insulation,
2. Fire retardant, aging resistance, weather resistance,
3. High strength, high modulus, excellent heat resistance,
4. Chemical resistance and flame resistance.


Mainly used in the production of printed circuit boards, and widely used to make epoxy copper clad laminates, electrical insulation products, insulation boards, fireproof boards, electronic high-tech, 5G communications, satellite radar, IC chip packaging substrates, and wind power, sports equipment, Aerospace and military fields.

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ZBREHON Glass fiber cloth and special resin are one of the important raw materials of PCB. As a reinforcing material, glass fiber cloth plays the role of insulation and increasing strength; as a filling material, special resin plays the role of bonding and improving the performance of the board.

In order to meet the requirements of reliability, complexity, electrical performance and assembly performance of high-frequency and high-speed PCB products, ZBREHON factory has made different improvements to special resins.


With the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing, 5G communications, new energy vehicles, consumer electronics and other fields, especially with the full implementation of my country's "new infrastructure" project, the printed circuit board industry will continue to maintain rapid development in the future and drive electronic glass Fiber market demand is growing steadily.


With the rapid development of electronic communication technology, its requirements for the performance of substrates are becoming more and more high-end, and new requirements and tasks are put forward for the application research and product upgrading of electronic glass fibers and their products. The glass fiber industry must keep up with changes in the needs of downstream users, and do a good job in product application development and production capacity structure optimization and adjustment.

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